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What to Know Before You Go

We love welcoming guests to our farm, and we’re thrilled that you have chosen to make Schwallier’s Country Basket part of your fall memories.


Before you visit us, we’d love if you would take a few minutes to read through our policies and if you’re curious about who we are, our About page. Bottom line is, we are a family-run farm, with our fourth-, fifth- and sixth-generations of fruit growers active in the business. When we welcome you to Schwallier’s Country Basket, we are essentially welcoming you to our HOME. As with any good home, everything runs more peacefully and smoothly and everyone is happier if some basic rules are respected and followed. Here’s what you should know before you go to help make your experience the best it can be!

Farm Rules

It is very important to us that we provide a welcoming environment for all, and a big part of that means that we need our guests to do their part and be respectful of others and our property. Here are a few reminders to help make your experience and others' the best it can be.

1. Please remember that this is our HOME, as well as our livelihood. When we welcome you to Schwallier's Country Basket, we are essentially welcoming you to our home. Please be courteous to others, remain in the areas that are marked for guests and out of areas that aren't (e.g., storage areas, sheds, fenced-off areas, goat pen, etc.) and treat our home in the way you would wish yours to be treated.

2. We LOVE having families out here and we love seeing children having fun and enjoying the fresh air and open spaces we offer. But parents and guardians, please remember to keep a close eye on your children, especially if they are climbing on things, running around or petting our farm animals. We trust that parents will be responsible for their children while they are here. We are doing our best to monitor our farm animals and give them times to rest from being petted and picked up—but we can't catch everything. Our animals shouldn't live in fear of being treated roughly by visitors. We are also not liable for any animal bites, as that is what (even gentle, good-natured) animals do when they feel threatened. Following the safe petting procedures posted at various places near the farm animal barn will help avoid any such incidents. We also especially ask that older children be mindful of all the little ones that are often here playing and tone down any roughhousing or wild play. We would like everyone to have fun at our place, and part of that is making things safe for everyone, starting with the smallest of our guests!

3. Please remember to pay for what you pick. Just because apples are there for the picking, doesn't mean they are free for the picking. We put a ton of hard work into growing high quality fruit, and it is our livelihood. It's beyond frustrating when we find that people are walking away with our goods without paying. ALSO, as our goat pen has moved and is now located nearer to the orchard, we ask that you DO NOT pick apples off the trees and feed them to the goats. Please be respectful of our hard work and the fruits (pun intended) of our labor.

We realize that the majority of our guests recognize these as common sense rules of behavior, but we also know that a few people acting out of line can ruin the experience for many. We are excited to welcome you to our market and orchard for another season; we hope it will be a happy, safe and enjoyable one; and we thank you for choosing Schwallier's Country Basket for your fall fun!

First Time Here?

Click on through for a few tips for your visit. Still not sure where to go or what to do? Flag down one of our friendly employees—we’re all happy to show you the ropes and answer any questions.

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