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There’s not much that’s sweeter than our honey

At Schwallier’s, we believe that happy bees are the key to—well, just about everything. Because without the work that they do, blossoms would simply fade away and never yield fall apples. Even more amazing is that our incredible bees not only keep our orchards thriving through pollination, they then leave us with beautiful, healthful, locally sourced honey—it’s like finding the gold at the end of the rainbow.

What is our honey?


It is RAW.
Raw honey is honey that hasn’t been heated or pasteurized, and it contains natural
vitamins, enzymes, powerful antioxidants, and other nutrients. Our beekeeper
processes it as little as possible to ensure that none of the health benefits are lost
through pasteurization, which can destroy honey’s natural properties.

It is Local.
Because we keep our bees busy locally, they pollinate within our area, depositing
pollen from trees, weeds and flowers in the honey. It is thought that this can help
allergy sufferers who consume local honey by helping to build a tolerance to these

It is Family.
Our son-in-law Justin is an experienced beekeeper—he grew up in a cherry-growing
family in Northern Michigan and still manages apiaries for his family’s cherry
orchard as well as for our apples.

It is Delicious.
We believe you can taste the difference between our honey and off-the-shelf,
processed honey that you’ll find in any grocery store. With notes of blueberry,
buckwheat and Michigan wildflowers, our honey is layered, rich and smooth.
Whether you eat it by the spoonful, mixed in recipes or tea, or drizzled as a topping,
your taste buds will delight in the deliciousness of our honey.

It is Versatile.
We offer honey by the jar or by the comb (an extra incredible and edible treat), as
well as products made from beeswax from our hives.

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