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Corn maze + Back 40

Go on an Adventure

Are you ready to lose yourself in the rustling cornstalks, under a striking fall sky? Our corn maze can help you feel like you "got away" even if just for a little while. Every year, we create a completely unique maze adventure based around a fun, educational theme. To get through the maze, you’ll have to answer questions by finding clues in the corn. For 2023, the theme is "Down on the Farm"!


A trip to the maze brings people together. Youth groups, scouts, families and friends love it. To go through the maze, your group will arrive at the farm and split up into teams of 4-6, (for groups of teens and children, this is usually with an adult for each group). After a brief introduction, the smaller teams are sent into the maze with a gamesheet. Inside the maze each team must work together to explore and find answers. Victory is determined not by how fast you find the exit, but by how thoroughly you’ve explored each turn of the maze.

Stay and Play

Admission to our corn maze also gets you into our new (and ever-improving) Back 40! The Back 40 is a huge area in the back of our orchard that gives you wide open spaces to play and enjoy the outdoors. A giant John Deere combine climber is a kids' dream to scale. A massive straw mountain, rock maze, and bouncy ball course are perfect for running off all that donut-fueled energy you or your kids may have. And we have brand-new apple cannons that give you chance to let off some steam by launching apples across an open field and seeing how well you aim.

Corn Maze + Back 40 admission (2023): $14. (+$5 for a bucket of apples to shoot out of the cannons.)

About the Maze

The maze is open normal business hours on Saturdays and Sundays during the months of September and October. The maze is also open some Friday afternoons during the season (please check our social media channels - we will announce these times there). The maze is part of our Back 40 play area and can also be rented for after-hours private group bonfires. Visit our group bonfires page for details.


Entry will end 1 hour before close each night.


Tickets cost $14.00 per person.

Is it safe?

Our Maze Masters work hard to ensure our visitors’ safety. We patrol the maze, and/or work extra staff for busy days. We believe that our farm should be a haven for our guests; an environment in which you can forget the worries of the outside world and rejoice in the simple pleasures of the farm.

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